Are You Truly as Big of a 'Stranger Things' Fan as You Say? Time to Prove It

Stranger Things Season 4 is out... and we promise you this quiz is not from the upside down!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On May 28, 2022
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Scarier, more adult, more Demogorgons, more confussions, more nostalgia and so much more of that retro vibe WE LOVE. Yes, a new Stranger Things season 4 is out NOW and we're HERE FOR IT.

Now, we've gotta ask you something... do you think you know EVERYTHING about this show? Let's see!

>>Quiz: Which 'Stranger Things' Secondary Character Are You?

1 / 10

When did the first season premiere?

2 / 10

In which state does the story take place?

3 / 10

Which of these games does Dustin love?

4 / 10

What's Will mother's name?

5 / 10

Where did Eleven grow up?

6 / 10

What was Hop's daughter name?

7 / 10

What does Eleven have in her arm?

8 / 10

Which of these elements does Luke use the most?

9 / 10

What's Max expert at?

10 / 10

What does Jonathan do?

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