A 'Yellowstone' Quiz for Only the Realest of Cowboys!

Get into the ranch!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jan 23, 2023
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Yellowstone's fifth season has us all in suspense, right? I mean, things are getting really complicated at the Dutton ranch! And while we're getting ready and looking forward to how things will evolve for John, Dutton, Kayce, Jamie, and the whole Dutton family, why don't you prove how much of a fan you are? But be cautious... this 'Yellowstone' quiz is not for everyone!

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When did the show premiere?

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Who plays Kayce's role?

3 / 11

Why does Beth often blame herself about?

4 / 11

How many sons does John Dutton have?

5 / 11

What is Kayce's son's name?

6 / 11

What happened to the most 'loyal' cowboys at the ranch?

7 / 11

What kind of aspirations does Jamie have?

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Which of these is an actual 'Yellowstone' prequel?

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Did Kevin Costner win a Golden Globe at the 2023 ceremony?

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What other cowboy is Beth attracted to?

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What happened in Rip's childhood?

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Who is your favorite character?

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