This True or False Test Will Reveal How Much You Love Hot Chocolate

December 13th was National Cocoa Day. If you REALLY love hot chocolate, we sure hope you get 100% on this quiz!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Dec 13, 2022
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The cold wind outside, Christmas a few days away, and even the snow falling... We can all agree there's nothing better now than hot chocolate, right? It's all we might ever need on days like these. Would you rather drink with a movie on? How about aone? With someone you love or with friends? The thing is there are plenty of fascinating facts about hot chocolate and we challenge you to pass this quiz about it. On this "National Cocoa Day", will you get a perfect (and tasty) score? emojiemojiLet's go!

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The Olmec civilization of southern Mexico was the first to produce hot chocolate.

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The first hot chocolate was actually made with a hint of lemon.

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Hot Chocolate was rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

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Ancients Romans used to drink "hot chocolate" in political reunions.

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Thomas Jefferson was a huge fan of hot chocolate

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Hot chocolate and hot cocoa are the same things

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Jennifer Lopez once spilled Robert De Niro hot chocolate on him.

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The explorer Robert Falcon Scott subsisted on hot cocoa and stew during their yearlong trek to the South Pole

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Marshmallows are actually 15% toxic when included in a hot chocolate.

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YOU want to drink hot chocolate right now.

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