THIS Is What Your Cat Actually Thinks About You...

"Meow meow" must mean "I love you" in cat language, right?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Oct 29, 2023
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Have you ever received several meow meow's from your cat and been unable to understand what it may want? Or have you ever been with your cat in the most adorable way and suddenly it gets totally upset and annoyed? emoji

Well, cats are complicated (and also so stinken cute) so it's quite a mystery to understand what they're thinking. This is the time for you to find out the truth about your cat, its deepest thoughts, and what it wants. Are you ready to find out the truth? emoji

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Let's begin! For how long have you had your cat?

Does your cat know where you hide its food?

Does your cat like having its belly touched?

Is your cat more lonely and mysterious or funny and cute?

What does your cat do when visitors come to your house?

How often does your cat attack you?

How did you get your cat?

Define your cat in one word:

Do you tell your cat about how your day was?

Last question: What's your cat's face like RIGHT NOW?

Yikes, seems your cat is annoyed with you.

Yikes, seems your cat is annoyed with you.

Your cat loves you more than its own food.... and that 's a lot to say, right? Your cat would follow you, join you, sleep with you, and love you for its entire life. There's no other thought in your cat's life but "I LOVE YOU" , and still, it seems they may be annoyed with you.

Your cat only wants you for your food

Your cat only wants you for your food

Well... all those signs of affection from your cat were a lie. Your cat only thinks about food, food, and more food. Oh, well, of course...then there's you! But there's no thought or communication your cat makes that's not based on food.

Your cat wants peace and love!

Your cat wants peace and love!

Some petting, some kisses, some hugs, its belly scratched, a good nap... All that your cat thinks about is being loved by you. Your cat wants to spend 24/7 being loved and spoiled by you! You are your cat's most important person in life!

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