This Chocolate Quiz Will Reveal If Your Crush Is Into You or Not!

Will this be a tasty and sweet truth?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 5, 2023
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We can all agree there's nothing better than chocolate in the world, right? Well, maybe being in love with someone and finding out that this person loves you back. What a lovely feeling! Now... since 'Chocolate Day' is here, why don't we make some love predictions based on your chocolate taste? Let's find out if your crush loves you as much as you doemojiemoji

Which of these celebrities would you want to share a chocolate bar with the most?

Pick again! Which of THESE celebrities would you enjoy sharing a chocolate bar with?

Choose your favorite chocolate combination!

How often do you eat chocolate?

Choose the chocolate cake that appeals the most to you!

Now, choose the chocolate drink that appeals to you the most!

How many chocolates would you buy from SpongeBob SquarePants?

You placed a chocolate bar in the refrigerator but, suddenly, it's gone. Who do you blame first?

Which country do you think has the best chocolate?

Lastly, if you could only eat one of these chocolate desserts forever, which one would you choose?

Your crush is REALLY into you!

Your crush is REALLY into you!

Yes, yes, yes! It's time to make a move because your crush has the exactly same feelings as you do! Love is in the air!

Sorry...your crush doesn't love you as you do!

Sorry...your crush doesn't love you as you do!

We don't wanna be the ones who tell you this, but...Nope. They're not in love with you right now. However, nothing to worry about. Your crush is the one who's missing a lovely person like you!

Womp.. Womp.. Womp. Let's talk.

Womp.. Womp.. Womp. Let's talk.

Your crush is NOT in love with you (yet!)... we're pretty sure you have to make a move and start a conversation with them. Why don't you invite your crush out? Come on! You have nothing to be afraid of!

Which kind of chocolate do you prefer?

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