These Michael B. Jordan Facts SHOCKED Us... Which Are Actually True?

He is THE man of the moment!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Mar 3, 2023
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You probably know him for playing the role of Erik in 'Black Panther' or for being Adonis in the 'Creed' movies (the third part is premiering really soon!), but Michael B. Jordan is also a great director, producer, actor, and the man of our lives!

He's been part of movies like 'Fantastic Four', 'Just Mercy', 'Chronicle' and so many others that you've probably watched so... do you think you can pass this quiz about his personal life? Don't worry: we'll make it easy for you....or will we? Time to find out.

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True or False: He was really close to being a part of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

2 / 10

He was the voice of which DC superhero?

3 / 10

He has a twin who is a model

4 / 10

Are Michael Jordan and Michael B. Jordan related?

5 / 10

He is a strong activist against racism

6 / 10

Do you remember where was he born?

7 / 10

He loves his fans so much that he invited a fan to 'Creed II' set

8 / 10

Which year was he born in?

9 / 10

He was named the '2021 sexiest man alive'

10 / 10

Which of these actors hasn't he been in a movie with yet?

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Do you think Michael B. Jordan is a good actor?

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