Tell Us If You'd Wear These Pink Outfits & We'll Let You Know How Trendy You Are

We wear pink... EVERYDAY!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 27, 2024
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If you're not commemorating National Pink Day, what are you waiting for?! You don't need to be a Mean Girl to wear pink clothes and enjoy the beauty of this color, because you can wear pink whenever you want and become someone trendy, fashionable, and cool!

Now we've got a challenge for you! Tell us if you'd wear some of these pink outfits, and we'll reveal if you're trendy... or not. Let's go!

emojiEveryone Can Relate to One of The Plastics! Which of The Mean Girls are You?

First pink outfit! Would you wear it?

Would you wear this one?

What about this one?

And this one?

Do you like this other pink outfit?

And this?

Is this a pink outfit you'd wear?

What about this one?

And this pink outfit?

What about this last one?

You're such a TRENDY person!

You're such a TRENDY person!

Fashionable, wearing the latest clothes in the market, always knowing what everyone's talking about... You're a trendy person, but of course, you know it!

You're not that trendy :/

You're not that trendy :/

We're sorry to tell you that you are not the most trendy person these days. Perhaps try updating your clothes, and accessories and keeping up to date with internet conversations? Don't worry! You can become a trendy person if you want!

Do you think pink is a feminine color?

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