Personality Quiz: Sweet Like Honey or Bitter? Which Are You?

We'll guess which kind of person you must BEE like!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On May 19, 2023
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Has anyone ever told you how you're supposed to BEE? Has anyone ever told you should BEE more joyful? Okay, enough with the BEE jokes. But... In case you didn't know, World Bee Day is a real thing (May 20th!) and we're here to deal with the real stuff. emoji

There are certain people that says that bees work and coexist just like human, in complex societies or groups. And since they are so familiar to humans, what can they tell us about our personalities and our own lives? Now it's time to take an extra sweet quiz to find whether you're a sweet like honey person or a bitter one. Ready to find out the truth?

Let's begin with a basic one: Do you like honey?

Which of these animals do you like most?

You ask for a cheeseburger with no ketchup but they deliver it with ketchup. How do you react?

Are you team winter or team summer?

Choose a band that represents your personality the most:

And if you could be a member of the Wolf Pack, which would you be?

Do you support LGBTQ+ rights?

Are you more of a TikTok or Twitter person?

Choose an iconic character from a book that you'd be a friend of:

Last question! When did you have your first kiss?



Actions guided by love, solidarity, and thoughtfulness are the one you consider the most important ones. You're not afraid to show love and spread positive vibes to everyone. Your friends love you and you love them. Can you be even SWEETER? Well, for sure you really can

Uh oh... Looks like you're more on the bitter side!

Uh oh... Looks like you're more on the bitter side!

Ajá... we can really tell you have some issues with showing yourself affectionate, but that's a fear you should really let go of. Take things easier and think for a second before answering, this might lead you to bitter situations with people you are fond of. A piece of advice: find what's really annoying and hurting you, then try to get rid of it from your life. This might be the first step to a sweeter mood in your life.

Which of these celebs do you think is genuinely the sweetest?

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