Seeing Red Flags? We'll Reveal If You're In a Toxic Relationship

Is it time for a change in your life?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 24, 2023
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If you already thought about doing this quiz...well, let me already tell you that there's something going on here! But don't worry, we take this very seriously and we're here to help you.

Some relationships might be having the time of their lives, but others not, and we're here to tell you if you're involved in a toxic relationship, where bad behaviors exist, where there is some kind of aggression, etc. We'll tell you if you are in a toxic relationship or not. Let's go!

When you talk alone with your best friend about your significant other, what do you talk about?

How often do you argue with your significant other?

What is the most common reason you argue?

What do you think of going out on a Friday night with your friends without your significant other?

Does your significant other say anything to you when you go out with friends?

What do you think about snooping on your significant other's phone?

Do you have to ask your partner for permission to do certain things?

How do you usually react when you get angry with your significant other?

What would you do if you found out your significant other was cheating on you?

True or False? I feel that I cannot be without my partner; I need to always be in touch with them!

Nothing to worry about!

Nothing to worry about!

Your relationship is as healthy as anyone could wish. You tolerate each other, you believe in communication, and can respect each other space. There is love above all and if some problem is around the corner, you can be 100% adult for sitting and talking. Good job!

Be careful!

Be careful!

Even though there is no danger in your actual relationship, you gotta be careful because the red flags are starting to appear! Trust in your significant other and, if not, have the courage to talk about it. If you see that your couple is not willing to listen and always wanna be right about everything, is having some incorrect behaviours or don't appreciate you as you deserve, you'd better run away from there NOW!

It's likely you are in a toxic relationship!

It's likely you are in a toxic relationship!

Yes, we think you may be in a toxic relationship. But don't worry because the first step is recognizing mistakes, and problems and having the courage to fix them. A toxic relationship appears when there is no trust within each other when there is aggression, disrespect, underestimation, and more. If you have already seen the red flags in your relationship, you have a couple paths: try to talk and put the issue on the table or leave that person right now.

Do you know anyone who is in a 'bad' relationship?

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