Rumor Has It: Only Big Fans Can Get 10/10 on This Adele Quiz

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Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On May 2, 2023
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Can you believe Adele is turning 35 years old? We've seen her release her albums '19', '21', '25', '30'... and now she's turned 35! The wonderful Adele Laure Blue Adkins, songwriter of songs like 'Rolling In The Deep', 'Someone Like You', 'Hello', 'Easy On Me' and so many others is one of the most powerful voices of the 2000s and she never stops astonishing us. emoji

Are you an Adele fan? Do you think you can remember all of her lyrics? Do you think you know everything about her personal life? Well, well, well... it seems like a challenge for us! Let's see if you can get a 10/10 on this Adele trivia!

>> How Adele Are You? <<

1 / 10

Let's begin! How many siblings does Adele have?

2 / 10

Where was she 'discovered' and what led to her fame?

3 / 10

Where was Adele born?

4 / 10

Who did she look up to when she was a kid?

5 / 10

At what age did Adele sign her first record deal?

6 / 10

If she wasn't a singer, which other career would she have chosen?

7 / 10

Which was Adele's first single?

8 / 10

True or False? She holds three Guinness Records.

9 / 10

Which of these things has Adele recently admitted to hate?

10 / 10

Final round! How many tattoos does she have?

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Which is your favorite Album from Adele?

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