Prove You Love Niall Horan by Acing This Irish Culture Trivia Test

It's so nice to meet ya, Niall!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Sep 12, 2023
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Native of Mullingar, Ireland, our dear and beloved Niall Horan has earned our hearts, right? His charming accent, his delightful voice, his impressive lyrics... Niall Horan is a really talented guy! emoji

And if you truly are a Niall fan, you'd probably know that September 13th is his birthday, and also several things about his life, hobbies, and more. But how much do you know about Niall's culture? Do you really know Irish culture? Don't worry! This test will really help you with that! Let's go...

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True or False? All signs are in Gaelic and English.

2 / 10

Ireland is also known as...

3 / 10

In what year did it become independent from the UK?

4 / 10

Which of these facts is true?

5 / 10

The Irish people...

6 / 10

They hold the record for...

7 / 10

Halloween dates back to a Celtic festival

8 / 10

Irish people have a strict law against using TikTok.

9 / 10

Ireland has the longest coastal road in the world. What's its name?

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Last one! When is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?

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What's your favorite Niall song?

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