Pick a Cat & We'll Tell You Which Taylor Swift Album You Are!

You'll never find another like Taylor Swift!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Dec 12, 2022
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We can all agree that there's nothing better in this world than Taylor Swift and cats, right? Our dear Mother Swift is turning 33 years and we wish all the best for her. Songwriter, director, actress, and more, Taylor is one of the most successful artists from the last decades and now it's time to join her love for cats and our love for her albums in order to reveal which one is the most perfect for us.

Time to pick a cat and get a Taylor Swift album!

Which cat is the cutest?

Which cat is the most adorable?

Which cat is the most lovely?

Which cat looks cuter?

Which cat would you like the most?

Which cat is more adorable?

Which cat do you wanna hug?

Pick a cat to give a kiss to!

You can only pick one of these cats!

Which cat is the most huggable?

You are 'Midnights'!

You are 'Midnights'!

You're the perfect mix between love, passion, relaxation, and party. Midnights is the perfect album for you to enjoy every single mood you might have.

You are 'Folklore'!

You are 'Folklore'!

You're a creative, sensitive, and calm person. You need your space to love, dream, and be yourself. The world might overwhelm you some time but you always give the best of you!

You are 'Lover'!

You are 'Lover'!

You're a romantic, lovely, daydreamer person who loves the idea of romance, love, and the perfect match. Lover is PERFECT for you!

Which 'Midnights' song is your absolute favorite?

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