Only a True Expert Will Pass This Quiz on How to Take Care of our Planet!

There's no planet B for us!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Apr 23, 2022
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Greater actions are extremely needed on our planet. We're already suffering the consequences of climate change and we need to stand up and scream outloud that there's no 'Planet B' for us. Taking care of it with our tiniest actions at home but also with laws and the governments actions are super necessary.

In honor of International Earth Day, we wanna know how much you know about the real impact of climate change on Earth and the best way for you to make a change.

>> How Does Your Day-To-Day Life Impact The Planet?

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The accumulation of polluting gases causes temperatures to rise more and more

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The temperature change can propagate different temperatures

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Leaving home appliances on standby does not consume energy

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The increase in sea temperature generates more violent hurricanes

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Hot water is the third-largest energy consumption in a house,

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Food shortages due to rising temperatures generate price increases

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Watering your plants at night helps to take advantage of the water

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Glass can be disposed of with regular garbage

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Straws take about 500 years to bio-degrade in the ocean

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A train pollutes the same as a car

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