Only a True Marvel Fan Will Know Everything About These SuperHeroes! 

Will you be SUPER good at this quiz?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Apr 23, 2022
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Who cannot love all of these superheroes!? They're powerful, super clever, super sexy, and super fun. They are really a full combo, right? emoji

In regards to the National Superhero Day, I really want to honor them, our Marvel crew of superheroes who gave us (and still give us) sooo much. But are you their biggest fan? Do you know everything about them? Let's find out!

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Thor is the prince of...

2 / 11

What's Black Widows' real name?

3 / 11

When was the first 'The Incredible Hulk' comic released?

4 / 11

Which of these actors has never played the role of Spider Man?

5 / 11

Who is Captain America's real love?

6 / 11

Who plays Rocket's voice?

7 / 11

Where do Tony Stark travel to in 2008?

8 / 11

What does Doctor Strange do?

9 / 11

Who challenge Black Panther for the crown?

10 / 11

When does Captain Marvel take place?

11 / 11

Where was Quill trying to sell the orb?

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