Only a True Hilary Duff Fan Will Remember All of Her Lyrics

The pop icon is turning 34! 33 is so yesterday.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Sep 29, 2021

We've seen her grown up, we know all of her songs, we've seen her on some iconic movies and tv shows such as Lizzie McGuire and WE-LOVE-HER! Hilary Duff is turning 34 years old, and we cannot believe it! So, in order to honor this queen, let's remember her songs! Do you think you can remember all of her lyrics? Let's try!

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"If you lose the
momentYou might lose..."

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"Can you hear it calling
Can you feel it in..."

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"Have you ever seen such a..."

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"Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be..."

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"Baby can you be tough
Say enough is..."

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"Been looking around,
I've finally found the..."

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"So I won't give up, no I won't..."

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"Give me a dancefloor,
give me a DJ, give me a..."

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"Even when the world stops turning there will never be another..." 

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"'Cause money makes your world..."

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"I'm chasing the sun
Won't miss out on..."

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"The gypsy woman
This is her favorite..."

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