Only 90s Lovers Will Remember the Names of These Iconic Cartoon Network Characters

I'm feeling the nostalgia in my heart!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 24, 2023
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This is a call for all the 90s kids all over! It doesn't matter that you're an adult by now (do you have kids? do you have a job? You ARE an adult then!), because we can always remember those dreamed moments from our childhood, right? Coming back from school, having a snack, watching some cartoons on the TV...THOSE WERE SIMPLER TIMES!

And if you remember those times and can relate, it's because you also watched Cartoon Network all day long when you were a kid! Those were amazing cartoons! Do you remember all of those shows? Let's see if you can remember some of the most iconic characters from Cartoon Network!

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Let's begin with an easy one! Who is this cat?

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And this nerdy guy?

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Can you remember the name of Dexter's sister?

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Evil laugh because this is EXTRA hard: Is he ED, EDD, or EDDY?

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He was aaalways afraid! Can you remember the name of this poor dog?

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We LOVE her! Which of the Powerpuff Girls is this?

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This monkey was a villain of the Powerpuff Girls. Who is he?

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What a crossover! But can you remember the name of the character MISSING in this image?

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Now this is NOSTALGIA! Who are they?

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And these guys? Who is the one in the middle?

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Which was your favorite Cartoon Network show?

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