Only 3 Out of 10 People Can Pass This British Royalty Trivia Test

Once you pass it, you'll feel royal!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Apr 20, 2024
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Drama, wealthy folk, history, love, passion, tragedy and more. The Royal Family has been through a lot and much of us know the complete story of their life. Whether you've read it in history books, or watched some documentary or Netflix show, it's impossible not to know something about them. How much are you into the Royal Family? It's time to find out the truth!

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1 / 10

The Royal Family is German

2 / 10

The Royal Family don't eat fish

3 / 10

Queen Elizabeth was a vegetarian

4 / 10

There used to be a Royal Marriage Act that prevented 'bad' marriages in the royal family

5 / 10

Isabel II was a pilot during WWI

6 / 10

Princess Anne was part of the Olympic Games of 1976

7 / 10

Prince Charles was born in 1954

8 / 10

Prince Williams can speak 4 languages

9 / 10

Isabel II used to travel with several bags of blood

10 / 10

Last question! Lady Di passed away at the age of 34

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Have you watched the show 'The Crown'?

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