Not Even THE Biggest Football Fan Will Pass This Tom Brady Quiz

A football legend!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 18, 2022
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The Patriots QB, a six-time Super Bowl champion, is an icon on and off the field. Do you agree with us? Yes, Tom Brady marked an era, he is the best player who has set foot in the NFL.

Now, Tom Brady would retire after 22 seasons in the NFL and leaves an unmatched legacy. This is why we wanna play a little game with you (and him!) to see how much you really know about him... Are you ready?

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His second name is...

2 / 11

He was born in...

3 / 11

In the 2000, Tom played in... which team?

4 / 11

In which of these movies has he appeared?

5 / 11

He lent his voice to a The Simpsons' episode

6 / 11

He has 4 children: two girls and two boys

7 / 11

His childhood idol is...

8 / 11

There are two stadiums named after him

9 / 11

He has written a book where he tells about the...

10 / 11

He was married with Bridget Moynahan

11 / 11

He was born in...

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Are you a Tom Brady fan?

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