Looking for Somebody to Love? Let's Discover When You'll Finally Find 'The One'

The right person could be just around the corner!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Sep 17, 2023
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Are you tired of being single? How often do you feel alone and surrounded by couples everywhere? We know... we've been there and it's super awful. There's nothing like romance, someone to cuddle and, well, feeling loved.

On September 23rd, we celebrate 'National Singles Day' and we thought it was a great idea to predict when you're gonna find the perfect romance. Do you want to know the truth? Let's see! emoji

>> Answer These Questions About Love and We'll Reveal Your Most Toxic Dating Habit

First question! Choose your favorite famous couple.

Which is your favorite ballad?

Which of these things would you HATE in a relationship?

Would you forgive infidelity?

What about your perfect date? How do you imagine it?

True or false: You tend to be a very jealous person

How often do you feel alone and in need of a significant other?

Where would you have the perfect honeymoon?

Picture yourself in a relationship. Your significant other doesn't let you touch their phone. What would you do?

Last question! Which is your ideal type of person?

Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?

Well... if you'r e really looking for love and waiting for an intense romance, we don't have good news for you, sadly. You'd better sit and wait because, according to our predictions, there's no romance in the short future. You'd better hold onto your friends and family because there are no romances here!

We can see something!

We can see something!

Oh, oh! We can see a romance coming in the following months but it's not THE best romance you'll ever have. It's gonna be good, passionate, and cute at the beginning but it'll become really toxic and dangerous. You'd better be aware of all the red flags for you to run away from there as soon as possible!

The CHOSEN ONE is coming!

The CHOSEN ONE is coming!

Yes, yes, yes! The romance we all want, need and desire is almost here for you! Maybe this year? Yes, this year! You'd better be ready to fall in love as you never did and to receive love like anybody ever before. It's gonna be PERFECT!

Do you believe in marriage?

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