Joey, Ross, or Chandler: Who Reflects Your Personality the Most?

We want all three of them to be our friends!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 21, 2023
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You don't know it, but in our mind, we're always daydreaming we're in New York... In a small apartment with our dear FRIENDS Joey, Ross, and Chandler, just hanging out, watching TV, laughing a lot, dealing with a monkey and doing absolutely nothing. Oh, what a life, right?

This is why we decided to honor the best sitcom ever and the glorious Matthew Perry (our dear Chandler, who is turning 54 years old this August 2023) with funny trivia for you to guess if it's Joey, Ross, or Chandler the one that reflects who you are the most. Are you ready? Let's begin!

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Let's get down to it. Who are you in your group of friends?

When was your last relationship?

Which of the following activities do you enjoy the most in life?

There's one last slice of pizza and you and your friends are starving: What do you do?

Which was your dream when you were a kid?

What do you look for in another person to fall in love with?

Choose a Halloween costume you like most

Have you ever fought with a friend over someone you're interested in romantically?

Who do you live with?

Last question! Do you like being (physically) alone?

You are most like JOEY!

You are most like JOEY!

JOEY- DOSEN'T-SHARE-FOOD! And neither do you, right? You are outgoing, charming, a little seductive, and super funny to be with. Oh, yes, we forgot: You've got a MASSIVE heart. It's so nice to be Joey!

You are most like CHANDLER!

You are most like CHANDLER!

Intelligent, sarcastic, funny, crazy, loyal, shy... Chandler is such a complex character! The thing is that Chandler Bing might be a little bit "complicated" to get, but the most important thing is the goodness in his heart. He'll always be there for a friend, his partner, and those he loves. And this sounds just like you!

You are most like ROSS!

You are most like ROSS!

Sweet and clumsy, always looking for love but never knows what to do when it appears. A little bit introverted but super clever. That's Ross and THAT'S YOU! How couldn't we be in love with the UNAGI man?

Who's your favorite female character in 'FRIENDS'?

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