How Much Do You Love Your Girlfriend?

This quiz will reveal EVERYTHING about your relationship.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Mar 22, 2022
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"Oh, I love my girlfriend so much" you might have thought if you're in a relationship. And that's a lovely thought to have! There's something about love that's so unique, so rare and so adorable that we cannot explain. So if you've ever wondered "why do I love my girlfriend?", there might be a million answers or just a few but the feeling's there, you know?

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I Love My Girlfriend, But I Want To Break Up

Don't worry about this, because this happens a lot. You might be thinking "Well, I've got a lot of reasons why I love my girlfriend but..." And that's a very acceptable 'but'. Sometimes you might be completely in love, you might be totally okay with your partner but plenty of things might be happening:

  • You're not living the same kind of life
  • You want different futures
  • You want another kind of relationship
  • You just don't want or are afraid of commitment.

There are so many ways of loving and experience love with someone else that the best piece of advice here is to be totally open about how you feel and what you want. Communication is ALWAYS the key!

Do you like your girlfriend to stay at your house for sleeping?

Your girlfriend does not reply your messages for a few hours. What's the first thing you think about?

Do you often talk with your girlfriend about what she likes when having sex?

Your girlfriend falls when she's walking. What do you first do?

You post an Instagram Story about you and your girlfriend. What does the text there say?

You're walking with your girlfriend and suddenly she sighs, like she's really tired and into her head. What do you think?

It's your girlfriend's birthday and she's throwing some celebration but you're not invited because she only wants her friends there. What do you do?

Your girlfriend is super busy with her job, she's super stressed. What do you do?

You're completely sure your girlfriend is talking with another guy and you're starting to get jealos... what do you do?

If your girlfriend proposes you to be on an open relationship, what do you do?

You love her A LOT, and everyone can tell.

You love her A LOT, and everyone can tell.

She is the love of your life and nobody and nothing can take her off your mind. She is really THE ideal person for you.

You love her but...that much?

You love her but...that much?

Yeah, you love her, and you're okay with her. But maybe you need to think first about her and then about you. Be careful, you might lose it if you don't effort yourself!

You don't love her.

You don't love her.

I'm sorry if that's not what yo wanna hear. But you feelings for your girlfriend are not that clear and you probably wanna leave that relationships because there are no feelings there :(

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Do you like your girlfriend to stay at your house for sleeping?

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