Feeling Old Yet? This 2000's Video Game Test Will Do That To Ya

This sure will make you feel nostalgic...

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Sep 6, 2023
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Haven't you ever had a moment when you thought... Am I really already THAT old? Maybe by remembering something, or maybe by doing something, or maybe realizing that there are actual adults now who were born after the year 2000!

Now we've decided to level up that nostalgic feeling by honoring National Video Games Day by showing you some retro videogames from the early 2000s to check how much you remember them. Are you sure you can remember them all? We aren't so sure, but we hope you prove us wrong.

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Round 1! Which videogame is this?

2 / 10

Can you remember this one?

3 / 10

What about this videogame?

4 / 10

And this one?

5 / 10

OMG! Can you remember this one?

6 / 10

This videogame rocks! Can you remember it?

7 / 10

Which one is it?

8 / 10

What about this one?

9 / 10

We love this one! Can you name it?

10 / 10

The last one! Which videogame is this?

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