Do You Love iCarly? Let's Find Out If You're A True Fan!

The show of our generation!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Apr 7, 2022
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Hey, guys! iCarly is BACK and we couldn't be happier. Carly, Freddie and Spencer are back again with some crazy adventures and we're ready for it. The second season of the iCarly reboot is ready to be launched on Paramount+ and.. WE WILL BE WATCHING!

If you were a fan of this Nickelodeon tv show, you've probably had plenty of laughs. But if you've never seen it, what are you waiting for!? So, fans, let's see if you can have a perfect score in this iCarly test!

>>Can We Guess Which 2000's Show Was YOUR Favorite?

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Which of these bands has made an appearance in the show?

2 / 11

What's Carly's last name?

3 / 11

When did the first season begin?

4 / 11

Select Carly's school's name:

5 / 11

Which of these stars has made an appearance on the show?

6 / 11

Who created iCarly?

7 / 11

Which of these animals appears on the show?

8 / 11

In season 2, Carly and Sam are interested in one boy. What's his name?

9 / 11

In one of the episodes, they invented a planet. What was its name?

10 / 11

What's Freddie's last name?

11 / 11

Where did Carly's father have to go in the last episode?

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