Disney Fans Alert! Can You Remember Everything About These Disney Classics?

Oh, my childhood!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jul 24, 2022
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Your attention, please! You're about to get in your feelings because we're about to travel in time to some old good days, to some fantastic great time: the 2000s and all the amazing shows that Disney Channel brought to us: Hannah Montana, Jonas L.A, Lizzie McGuire and so many others. Do you remember them? WE DEFINITELY DO!

So, in order to make a quick revisit to all of them, why don't we challenge you to know how much do you know about all of them? Let's go!

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What was Miley Stuart's brother name?

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Where were Alex Russo's parents from?

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What was the name of the show Sonny was part of?

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Where was the Zac & Cody hotel located?

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Which of these celebrities has appeared on the Lizzie Mcguire show?

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Where do the Jonas Brothers live in the show?

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What was Raven's superpower?

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What was Kim Possible's pet?

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Which of these characters has a crush on Phineas?

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What happened in Hannah Montana's first episode?

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How much do you miss these shows?

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