Can You Complete These Fun Quotes From 'The Princess Diaries'?

We sure hope you haven't forgotten about this classic.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Nov 5, 2022
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Stand up for our dear princess and future queen, Mia Thermopolis! Yeah, ok... right, we do know Mia or Genovia are not real, but we really wish so! However, Anne Hathaway is actually real and we love her a lot!

Know from movies like 'The Princes Diaries', 'The Devil Wears Prada', 'Les Misérables', 'Love and other drugs', and so many others, our dear Anne is turning 40 years old and we wish her the best.

Do you know her from 'The Princess Diaries'? Do you know every single quote from the movie? Let's see if you can complete them!

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"It’s not appropriate for royalty to..."

2 / 10

"I can’t be a princess! I’m still waiting for..."

3 / 10

"You know, most kids shop for a car for their sixteenth birthday..."

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"No longer does Mia stand for missing in action,
Genovia has a..."

5 / 10

"You’re morphing into one of them! Next week you’ll be waving ... in my face!"

6 / 10

"Will the ... Club please stop rearranging the tables
on the lawn?"

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"If you hurt my girl, you will answer directly to me, and whatever crimes I commit against you, remember, I have diplomatic immunity in 46 countries, including..."

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"A queen is never late. Everyone else..."

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“Andrew, could you try to talk without moving your lips?
The press has...”

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"Joe, can you drop us off a block from the school?
I don’t want to cause a riot with..."

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