Can You Accurately Guess Which Historical Fact Happened First?

Are you a history expert?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Apr 20, 2024
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How smart do you consider yourself? Do you enjoy reading, learning new stuff, acknowledging new facts, dates, names, and more? Then you must LOVE history, and if you love history, then you're probably one of the privileged people who could ace this test. Let's see: Can you guess which historical fact happened first in history? It's time to check how much you know...

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What occurred first? The Russian Revolution or The Wall Street Crash?

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What happened first? The WWI or The Prohibition?

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What occurred first? Women voting for the first time in the USA or the Titanic sinking?

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What happened first? The foundation of the 'NOTA' or first session of the United Nations?

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What occurred first? AIDS virus was found or the first Walkman launched by SONY?

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What happened first? The discovery of America or the appearance of The Black Plague?

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What occurred first? USA Declaration of Independence or the Treaty of Versailles?

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What happened first? George Washington as first president of America or Napoleon becoming emperor of France?

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What occurred first? Death of Stalin or the formation of the Cold War?

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