11 Facts You Need To Know About Gucci Before You Watch 'House Of Gucci'

A new iconic movie is coming.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Nov 24, 2021

'House of Gucci' is the new Lady Gaga and Adam Driver movie and we're here for it. It'll premiere on November 24th and it tells the story of how Maurizio Gucci was murdered by a hitman hired by his wife. It's directed by Ridley Scott ('Blade Runner', 'Alien', etc) and it claims to be one of the most amazing movies of the year.

Aren't you that familiar with the story? Here we have a quick quiz in order to you to learn everything about it! Let's go!

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Maurizio Gucci was born in 1945

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Gucci was founded by Maurizio Gucci

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Gucci was founded in Florence, Italy

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Maurizio Gucci exwife name was Patrizia

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Patrizia murdered his ex husband in order to receive a part of his inheritance

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Gucci produces fashion items like shoes, purses, watches, jewels, etc.

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The first Gucci store was opened in Amsterdam

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It was told that Patrizia Reggiani looked like Liza Burton

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Aldo, Maurizio's uncle, was sent to jail for tax dodging in America

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Maurizio had two children: Alessandra and Allegra

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The movie is an adaptation from a Becky Jhonson movie

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