Believe It or Not, But We Know What Kind of Person You Were In a Past Life

Time to time-travel... backwards!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Mar 24, 2024
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Many cultures, religions, and different types of people believe we had several lives before our current one. Of course, this is something that nobody can truly say for certa-wait, scratch that. We CAN tell what type of person you were in a previous life, and today, we'll be sharing that with you!

What if we told you you were the emperor of some ancient country? Or that you were an amazing warrior? Or a sailer? Anyway, lets find out...

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Let's begin! Which of these words defines you the best?

What motivates you most in life?

How often do you get Deja Vu?

Which of these capital sins represents you the most?

Do you have any crushes?

Do you have a specific dream you're going after?

Do you believe in faith?

CONFIDENTIAL: How often do you have 'negative' thoughts towards people?

Which of these emotions reflects your soul the most?

Final question! Do you believe in people going to heaven or hell?

You were part of a big kingdom!

You were part of a big kingdom!

We cannot say for sure WHO you were, but we could receive some vibes of you being part of a big kingdom, hundreds of years ago. A king? A Duke? A princess? Either way, you give off royal vibes.

You were a true adventurer!

You were a true adventurer!

A sailor, a navigator, a man of the jungle... We can see that many, many years ago you were a curious and adventurous person, seeking new places, people, and cultures.

You were quite evil, actually

You were quite evil, actually

What? We... don't have the words! We're seeing dark and dangerous things in your past life. What if you were an evil creature, a strange monster or a dangerous person? Oh well, let's just say that in this life you have the chance to change that. You AREN'T the person you were in your past life - Perhaps this is a chance for redemption!

Do you believe in life after death?

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