Are You The Ultimate Fan Of Cowboy Bebop? It's Time To Know The Truth

'Cowboy Bebop' is back to us from the legendary cartoon show to the live-action Netflix's produced.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Nov 24, 2021

The story of Spike, Faye, Jet Black, and all the crew is in everybody's mouth but only true fans have seen this from the very beginning back in the 90s. Are you one of those SUPER fans? Let's figure this out!

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In which year does the story take place?

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Which of these themes is treated in the show?

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Which of these is actually a colony in the show?

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What's Venus architecture like?

5 / 11

In which American state is based society on Europe colony?

6 / 11

Where was Spike born?

7 / 11

For how long has been Faye slept?

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Who is Hammerhead pilot?

9 / 11

Who has created this show?

10 / 11

When did the show first release?

11 / 11

Who plays Jet Black character on Netflix's live-action?

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