Are You Part of the 20% Who Can Remember When These Historical Events Took Place?

Will this test determine whether it's perhaps time for you to go back to school?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 25, 2023
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Nowadays, everywhere we go we may run into crucial information: Scrolling on the internet, reading a thread on Twitter, watching some TikToks but... are we actually learning anything?

This is why we decided to make a test for all the experts of history. How much did you enjoy the subject at school? Did you REALLY enjoy it? Did you learn anything at all? Well... you'd better prove to us that you belong to the 20% of the global population who can remember when these historical events happened. Ready to prove to us how smart you are? We are when you are!

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1 / 10

During which year did BREXIT happen?

2 / 10

When did Osama Bin Laden die?

3 / 10

And World War I began when exactly?

4 / 10

In what year was the fall of the Roman Empire?

5 / 10

When was America discovered?

6 / 10

When did the man arrive for the first time on the Moon?

7 / 10

When was the French Revolution?

8 / 10

And when did the Russian Revolution begin?

9 / 10

What about the Spanish Civil War?

10 / 10

When did construction of the Eiffel Tower begin?

Questions left

If you had a time travel machine, where would you go?

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