Are You More Like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lawrence?

We don't know about you, but we're down to be EITHER of them!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 14, 2024
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Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beloved actresses and we definitely believe there's nobody out there who doesn't absolutely adore her. No matter if she's the iconic Rachel from 'Friends' or the cool Katherine in 'Just Go With It', we love Jennifer Anniston because she is unique... However, she can't be THAAAAT unique because... There's so many more Jennifers in Hollywood! Ya know... Jennifer Lawrence, Lopez, Garner... so many Jennifers.

But, we do have a question for you... If you were to be one Jennifer, which one would you be? Jennifer Anniston or, for example, Lawrence? Time to find out now.

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How important is fashion to you?

Do you tend to care about what people think about you?

Which of these best defines you?

What do you prefer to do on a Friday night?

Which of the following would you rather eliminate from your life?

Do you consider yourself a clumsy or awkward person?

Pick a pop song!

Now pick your favorite man from Hollywood!

Do you think people feel you're confident?

Do you feel more comfortable under the spotlight or hanging out in a corner?

You are more like JENNIFER ANISTON!

You are more like JENNIFER ANISTON!

Outgoing, fun, super trendy, fashionable and... of course, BEAUTIFUL! You're like Jennifer Aniston and that's something we all should be envy of, you know?

You are like Jennifer Lawrence!!

You are like Jennifer Lawrence!!

Jennifer Lawrence is the fun person who catches everyone's attention. You're irreverent, sarcastic, ironic, smart, and super fun to hang out with. Such a powerful energy you have!

Besides Rachel (obviouslyyyy)...
Who's your favorite character from 'Friends'?

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