Are You Burned Out or Just Stressed? Check Yourself With This Quiz

Think it may be time for some sort of vacation?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 15, 2023
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Our lives have changed a lot: We're 24/7 connected to our social media, we're always attacked by news, messages, and information, we work more hours than we should and it takes a lot for us to 'disconnect' from work. Of course, we also have to deal with our personal lives, right? Family, friends... At the end of the day, it truly is a lot!

All of these have taken us to heavy and stressful situations where we feel more anxious, stressed, and with mental health issues... Oh wow, we really need to take a break! We'll help solve some burning questions for you, so why don't we get to it and see if you're burned out or just stress?

>>Which Odd Job Would You Have If You Weren't Working Right Now?

Inhale! how many hours do you work daily?

Do you work remotely or in person?

Do you do any kind of exercise?

What's the last thing you think of before falling asleep?

Which of these feelings do you feel the most?

What do you usually have as a meal?

At night, do you usually think of pending tasks or future and uncertain situations?

How many hours do you spend scrolling on social media?

Have you ever checked on your job after your scheduled time?

Exhale! Do you suffer any of these pains?

You are definitely burned out!

You are definitely burned out!

It's time for you to set some limitations on your work. You are wasting plenty of hours thinking of your job, dealing with stuff after hours, or even replying to emails in hours you definitely shouldn't. It's time for you to find out some activity that gives you some mental peace and can bring you to the next state of mind. Have you thought of any sport? Any art-related activity? This could help you to leave your job out of your head and be a little bit more relaxed.

You are totally stressed!

You are totally stressed!

Stress is taking over your body: your brain, your health, and your 24/7 thoughts. Your life, your studies, your job, the constant stimuli of the media... ugh everything can deal you into stressful moments but the most important thing is how to deal with this. Take your time to process things and see what's really relevant for you to spend time on that. Check what's really important and deal with that without pressure, the remaining stuff can wait. Take everything easier, do not overthink stuff, stay away from electronic devices before sleep, and don't take everything on social media as real. We're here with you!

Do you think the past few years have been the most stressful for you?

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