Are You A South Park Fan? You'll Never Pass This Trivia!

The town we all wanna live in.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On May 18, 2022
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They've given us more than 20 seasons, several movies of their story, the most bizarre and weird stories but they will always be our favorite guys, won't they? If you are as much of a 'South Park' fan as we are, you'll probably know every single moment and quote from Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny and all the South Park gang.

Do you wanna test your knowledge? Let's see!

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In which state is "South Park" located?

2 / 10

When did the show premiere?

3 / 10

What does Randy do?

4 / 10

What's Cartman's mother's name?

5 / 10

Which iconic pop singer does Randy impersonate?

6 / 10

Which of these videogames do the gand play?

7 / 10

Which of these celebs does NOT appear on the show?

8 / 10

Which is Butters alter ego?

9 / 10

Who transplanted a kidney into Kyle?

10 / 10

Which of these facts about Kenny's family is true?

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