Are These Guinness World Records True or Not?

We cannot believe any of these!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Nov 1, 2022
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The tallest man alive? The oldest couple married? The biggest afro in the world? The largest spider in the universe? These are things quite complicated to believe or maybe even think about but here we are to discover some amazing worldwide records that will absolutely blow your mind! Let's play and find out which of these Guinness World Records are true or not!

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The longest marriage is 79 years long.

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The longest tail on a dog measures 76.8 cm (30.2 in)

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The "spider frog" is the tiniest with only 2cm long

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The most straws stuffed in the mouth (hands off) is 650

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The longest distance swam underwater with one breath
is 200 m (656 ft 2 in)

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The largest collection of traffic cones includes 236 of them

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The largest gathering of people dressed as Superman was 867

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The largest gathering of people dressed as Batman was 235

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The longest fingernails on a female pair of hands were 2,306.58 cm long

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The youtube channel "Puff from New York City" has the most viewed cat video on the Internet with 7,532,180,184 views

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