Apologies in Advance, But We Doubt You're Smarter Than an Elephant

Could this elephant trivia prove us wrong?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 15, 2023
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Elephants are cute, mysterious, enormous, and...super bright? Apparently, yes, they are! And if you didn't know, August 12th is International Elephant Day, a whole day to celebrate and make people aware of how important it is to protect elephant communities all around the world. emoji

The best part of this is that elephants have as many interesting facts, as interesting as these giants are. Do you think you know everything about these amazing creatures? Do you think you are smarter than an elephant? Well, now you gotta prove us wrong! emoji

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Let's begin! How many specimens of elephants are there in the world TODAY?

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Elephants can remember other elephants, plenty of places, and situations.

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Elephants live for around 10 years.

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They are excellent swimmers and use their trunks as snorkel systems

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The brain of an elephant weighs ____

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How many pounds of herbage can they eat in a day?

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Their long trunk means they have an excellent smell

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Females can get pregnant until they're 50 years old

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Elephants cannot ___

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Last question! How many muscles do they have?

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Do you think elephants are the kings of nature?

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