Pick Your Favorite Clothing & We'll Determine Your 2024 Style

Don't let yourself go outta style.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jan 4, 2024
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It's never too late for you to be as fashionable as you can.

We're all here to determine your 2024 style by picking your favorite clothing. We want you to feel the best in your every day outfits, so why don't we get to see how you're looking this year? Are you ready to find out?

>> Your Preferences Will Reveal if Your Personality is More Like a Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle

Question number one! How much do you daily care about fashion?

Do you tend to like plain or patterned clothing?

Would you rather wear jeans or some sport pants?

Do you prefer winter or summer clothes?

Define your 2024 expectations in one word

And what about 2023?

What do you think about fashion runways?

Which of these things would you change in your life?

Which kind of outfit would you prefer wearing?

Last question! Regarding clothes, would you consider yourself traditional or super trendy?

2024 is the year of casual outfits!

2024 is the year of casual outfits!

2024 is all about simple things and not overthink stuff. Let's be casual, chill & zero dramatic. This is why some plain T-shirts, some jeans, and urban sneakers are the best thing for you to wear next year. It's all about being 100% comfortable!

2024... the year of colors & excentric vibes!

2024... the year of colors & excentric vibes!

You'd better take 2024 as a moment to give the 100% of you. This is why you gotta give life way much more than what it gives to you. Be disruptive, colorful, and energetic with your clothes to show this: bright colors, flowers, amazing prints, skirts & baggy clothes. Have a fantastic and fashionable year!

2024, the year of art in all your clothes!

2024, the year of art in all your clothes!

2024 is a great opportunity for you to highlight your identity and be proud of who you are. What if your clothes decision were based on art, personal taste in technology, art, theatre, cinema, or more? Include items & stuff about these topics on your clothes to create authentic clothing. Be proud of who you are!

Do you think fashion has an important impact on society nowadays?

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