Are These Facts About The Medieval Ages True or False?

Let's go back to THE PAST!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Sep 26, 2021

It's time to go back to a time where everything was quite different. When there were kings and queens, jesters, knights, fairs, castles, and pleeeenty of weird stuff we could have never imagined to have now! The medieval Age is something gorgeous and super interesting but... do you think you can guess if these facts are true or false?

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There were no doctors but priests and sorceress

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Kings were not allowed to go by themselves to the toilet

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There were not any cutlery or plates for meals.

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People with freckles were not allowed to be a jester.

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Is it true they used a second plate only for...spitting!?

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The "@" came from a Latin preposition used by some monks

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Sorceress were in charge of putting price to stuff in the market

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People used hand fans in order to erase any possible ugly smell from them.

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Ladies were not allowed to go to the fair on Mondays.

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It was forbidden to laugh at any religious place.

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They were used to take a bath in May because it was "the wedding month"

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