11 Questions for an 'Eleven' Quiz You Definitely Won't Ace, Sorry

Not even telekinesis will help you with this quiz!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Feb 17, 2023
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She is an icon, a star, and will always be the moment. Of course, we're talking about the young, talented, and beautiful Millie Bobby Brown or as many you might know as 'Eleven' in Stranger Things. Can you believe she is only turning 19!? It's incredible everything she has achieved since she became a worldwide star as the Stranger Things main star.

Do you like Stranger Things? Do you really like Millie Bobby Brown? Then you'd better take this quiz made just for you... But hey...no mind tricks are allowed! emoji

>> Are you truly a Stranger Things Fan? Time to test your knowledge! <<

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'Eleven' character is based on a famous alien. Which is it?

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Do you remember Eleven's nickname?

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Okay... The previous question was way too easy. Try this one: Can you remember Eleven's mother's name?

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This question is impossible! The first time they played 'Dungeons & Dragons', which character was Eleven?

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Do you remember who found Eleven once she escaped from the Upside Down in season two?

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Now a personal one about Millie: Which of these sentences is true?

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Back to the show! Who did Eleven meet on her way to Chicago?

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Who bullies Eleven in season 3?

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This one is really hard! Do you know which is Eleven's REAL name?

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In which year was Eleven born?

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Lastly, what's the name of the project Eleven was in?

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Who is your favorite Stranger Things character?

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