11 Facts We Bet You Don't Know About Our New Elvis, Austin Butler

He is the newest hip sensation and we love him!

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jul 18, 2022
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Austin Butler has come to ROCK our hearts. He plays the role of 'Elvis' in the new homonym movie and he has done it PERFECTLY. His moves, his vocals, his acting, everything is great at playing the role of one of the most incredible musicians of our history.

Do you know anything about Austin? Do you know who he actually is? Here we've got some fun facts about him for you to find out!

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He was born in...

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In which show did he make his first appearance on TV?

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He has also appeared in Hannah Montana

4 / 11

He has made a movie with Vanessa Hudgens

5 / 11

He can actually play the piano

6 / 11

His favorite band is Kings of Leon

7 / 11

He was born in...

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He was in relationship with...

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He's gonna be part of "Dune: II" with Timothée Chalamet

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His favorite food is Spagetthi with meatballs

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Austin spent more than 5 months practising for his role in 'Elvis'

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