What makes Utkarsh the leading Octagonal Pole Manufacturer?

Sanjiv Roy
Created by Sanjiv Roy
On Oct 17, 2019
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What makes Utkarsh the leading Octagonal Pole Manufacturer?

Octagonal Poles are made with continuously tapered octagonal cross section (can be customized for other sided also) having one or more section. On top, it has a bracket to mount the luminary. These types of poles are used for Highway and Street Light, Hotel Entrance, Petrol Pump, Shopping Mall Entrance etc. 

Leading octagonal light pole manufacturers generally provide with an outreach arm, in either single or double arrangement, as per customer specifications. They also make sure that they follow various norms and come with unique features as mentioned below.

  1. They have in-house design capacity in order to provide a strong, durable and aesthetically appealing product. 
  2. They procure the highest quality raw materials from the largest producers like SAIL, HZL, etc. 
  3. Modern Automatic Infrastructure for better shape, as shape is one the most important aspect in order to make the product stand tall against heavy winds. Not only that the shape of the products gives it an aesthetically appealing finish. 
  4. 7 Step cleaning or galvanising for durability and ensuring minimum design life of 25 years. 
  5. Automatic CNC operated machines for production in order to ensure highest accuracy levels.
  6. In-house 7-tank galvanising process for better adhesion and uniformity of zinc coating.
  7. Anti-theft Hinged poles for better security and future upgradation and maintenance. 

Utkarsh India is an octagonal pole manufacturer which abides by all the above mentioned. Not only that, they are one of the octagonal pole manufacturers and suppliers which provide after sales service, with a 1 year service. Utkarsh India has a huge production capacity and multiple stock areas which enable faster delivery without compromising on the quality. They have a distribution network all over India. 

Utkarsh Poles are designed to withstand wind speed as per IS 875 (P-3) and can be customized up to 300Km/h. All the Poles has Hot Dip Galvanized by single dip seven tank process. Pole has been designed considering minimum design life of 25 years. They provide special type internal hinge to prevent theft at site. All poles have manufactured in modern automatic machinery for better quality. Welding has been done by automatic SAW process ensure uniform and proper welding strength.

Other than these, Utkarsh octagonal poles are : 

1. Easy to fit 
2. Rust Resistant 
3. Hard wearing 
4. Low maintenance 
5. Perfect finish 
6. Optimum strength

Utkarsh India also offers an array of pipes and fittings, which are used in different areas such as Plumbing, Sewage, Agriculture and Bore-well sectors. To facilitate Power Transmission and Distribution, we offer Transmission Line Towers, Poles for Distribution and Rural Electrification, Substation Structures as well as all forms of structures for Railway OHE and TSS. Utkarsh India also enhances road illumination and beautification, through its range of Polygonal Poles and Lighting Masts. Utkarsh strives to set new benchmarks in Crash barrier & road safety equipment .Across all verticals, Utkarsh strictly follows the Legal Regulations for Labour Law, health & safety compliance, products’ safety and environmental standards, thus setting our industry standard worldwide. We deliver the best with new introductions and updated products. To achieve the power of experience in what we do, we believe in the impulse voice from within.