Importance of Mentoring for CLAT preparation

This article asserts the role and importance of mentors in competitive exams like CLAT. During CLAT preparation, the right guidance helps an aspirant to utilize his potential and score high grades. This article also provides an insight into the tasks of a mentor in general.

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On Oct 18, 2017
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CLAT preparation Helpful Tips

At a good law entrance coaching, a mentor is your friend and guide- the one who assists you at each and every step throughout your journey. The objective of mentors is to assist the aspirants to crack CLAT within a short timeframe.
Most often it is seen that CLAT toppers take up the responsibility of mentorship. Law entrance coaching centers usually appoint those as mentors who are certified CLAT trainers, are associated with the CLAT examination process, or a lawyer himself.
The mentoring culture by law entrance coaching institutes
It must be noted that sometimes the trainer and the mentor at some law entrance coaching institutes are the same. That is, they perform the collective responsibility of teaching the aspirants, clearing their doubts and also motivating them from time to time. A recent survey has revealed that students with an average level of intelligence find this kind of mentoring more comfortable, as they are not hesitant to go beyond the subjects and discuss about other aspects of CLAT that are essential for their personal progress and preparation.
Sometimes, the law entrance coaching centers have special mentorship programs where the CLAT aspirants are motivated and inspired by a team of mentors. Usually, the coaching centers arrange for weekly or monthly sessions where the mentors meet the aspirants and offer valuable insights about CLAT. Often, the mentors also design the content for various CLAT programs. Seminars, workshops, and one-to-one candid meetings are popular modes adopted by law entrance coaching institutes for mentoring the students.
Here’s how the mentors can help you for CLAT preparation
-         Strategy planning: The mentors can come up with a personalized strategy specially designed for you for the CLAT preparation.
-         Gain knowledge: They will see that you are not discouraged by failures during the preparation phase. If you have a difficult time in coping with a subject or a topic in particular during CLAT preparation, you can always share it with your mentor. A mentor also helps to analyze the scores obtained in mock tests and gives his feedback regarding the same.
-         Manage resources: A mentor will help you to carry out a SWOT analysis so that you can identify your core areas of strength and weaknesses. This would help you to focus more on areas where you are slackening. Repeated analysis at regular intervals during CLAT preparation would prove to be tremendously advantageous.
-         Techniques: A mentor will provide you the right guidance at the right time. For instance, he will advise you which book to follow at what stage of CLAT preparation so that you are able to develop your potential further.
-         Exam tips: Most importantly, a mentor would help you to understand the evaluation system of CLAT and how the skills of law aspirants are tested- an important aspect that directly adds value to overall CLAT preparation of law aspirants. From time management to error reduction, mentors are likely to provide effective exam tips to help you every way.
This was how mentors bring out the best within each law aspirant and provide them the driving force to achieve high grades. Law entrance coaching centers also have a section of students who are droppers or have multiple unsuccessful attempts. For these students, mentoring sessions greatly supplement their formal coaching for CLAT. Sometimes, aspirants are counseled upon one-to-one basis by the mentors for better performance. 
Author’s bio - The author of this article is a retired lawyer residing in Kolkata, who is exploring his passion for teaching by getting associated with a leading law entrance coaching center based in Kolkata. At present, he is helping hundreds of law aspirants with their CLAT Coaching by giving them valuable instructions.