Best quality Textile spinning cans at best prices

Sanjiv Roy
Created by Sanjiv Roy
On Oct 18, 2019
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Best quality Textile spinning cans at best prices 

Spinning is an intricate process. Converting raw fibre into yarn involves a multitude of steps, each being prone to imperfections. Smallest of imperfection at this stage has an exponential impact on the yarn quality, leading to irreversible defects to yarn. Times have changed, and world over consumers are demanding better and better fabric that is trendy, suits their mood and makes them feel more comfortable. And all these at very affordable prices. Consequently, designers, boutiques and big labels are demanding such fabric from mills, also at very competitive prices. Mill owners, in turn, demand superior quality yarn, and yarn demands better quality Sliver. Hence, looking at market needs for quality yarn, spinners are installing new hi-tech spinning machines and best quality cotton.

While investing on spinning cans, one must look for the quality and technology used in manufacturing the spinning cans. As there are several kinds of operating machines installed in spinning mills, 

The cans should be made suitable for carding, draw frame, combing, as well as the updated versions of rotor spinning. The strength and ability to undergo several processes with minimum wear and tear in the production chain defines the best in terms of quality. 

When spinning, a huge amount of centrifugal force tends to affect the physical structure of the cans, making the cans prone to tilting and slipping. Make sure top and bottom covers are added to sliver cans. 

Check the pre-tension of the spring to ensure it is minimal before the commencement of loading the cans. Correct spring load of the cans depends on the kind of fibre to process, sliver length, sliver hank and the total weight of the sliver to process. As a result, all cans should have a perfect coiled spring manufactured from high carbon special steel wire. Heat treatment ensures the springs have uniform load bearing capacity while being auto-adjustable to sliver pressure. The springs provide unparalleled support and maintain a horizontal position.

Ensure caster wheels never get entangled with dirt or corrosive chemicals that are used for yarn production. PP (Polypropylene) and Nylon 6 are popular variants chosen as the raw material for manufacturing caster wheels.

Jumac is truly one of the leaders in the spinning can industry. Being one of the top sliver can manufacturers, they make sure that they come up with innovation in pace with the changing demands. If one looks for the above mentioned criterias, Jumac confirms and guarantees all of them and that too at a reasonable price. Over the years, Jumac has established its presence in five continents and more than 18 countries. This global acceptance on account of its stringent quality benchmark makes it a top global supplier of quality spinning cans. It shares values of the nation’s “Make in India” initiative and leverages on skill, scale and speed to create a roadmap for tomorrow. 

Excellence and leadership in the segment are possible only if innovation is accorded priority. New products with innovation enable clients to increase their productivity at a lesser cost. As Jumac offers something new to clients, it is able to sustain its position as a top global supplier of quality spinning cans. Be it sheet extrusion plant, ultrasonic welding machines, vacuum forming machine, molding machines and other ancillary machines such as a dryer, humidifier, cooling tower, grinder and color mixer, the best quality machines are in place to ensure top quality spinning cans at the best price.