21 Foods You Should Recognize If You Were Born In The US

Only Americans will remember all of these foods from the past!

Sam Sterling
Created by Sam Sterling
On Jan 12, 2017

Which ice cream chain was known for its "31 flavors?"

What kind of cookie was in the Little Debbie's Creme Pies?

Which color Push-Up was Fred Flinstone on?

What flavor is the yellow shark?

Wilford Brimley appeared in a series of __________ commercials throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The Kids Club Gang belonged to which fast food chain?

This traditional Southern dish is made from boiling corn into a think, creamy consistency:

This salad made with Cool Whip, mandarin oranges, pineapple, coconut, and marshmallows is called:

The name of this treat is:

Which of the following was NOT manufactured by Keebler?

This cookie is called:

What is the correct name for the cherry-flavored Squeezit drink?

The original Dunkaroos cookie flavor was:

Surge was _______ flavored soda?

Purple and green ketchup were the result of which Heinz condiment?

Which of the following is a main ingredient of A Reuben?

The standard color packaging for Red Vines is

What are these called?

Which city made the Cheesesteak famous?

How many flavors of Juice Bars did Minute-Maid originally offer?

You Grew Up Outside Of The US

You Grew Up Outside Of The US

Bummer! You missed out on all these rad American snacks like Oreo O's, Bubble Tape, Fruit String Things, and Zebra Cakes.

You're Obviously American!

You're Obviously American!

WOW! Slam Dunk, you got a perfect score on this quiz. You are definitely an American who grew up eating all of these awesome snacks. Your lunchbox was totally full of Dunkaroos, 3D Doritos, Sprite Remix, and Twinkies.