How Well Do You Remember The Original National Lampoon's Vacation?

With the reboot of "Vacation" coming out, see how well you recall the original classic that started it all!

Sam Locklin
Created by Sam Locklin
On Nov 10, 2019
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What is the first name of Chevy Chase's iconic character?

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Which well-known comedic actor plays the car salesman at the beginning of the film?

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What is the name of the hideous car that the Griswold family buys?

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Which car is the beautiful blonde driving alongside Chevy Chase's character?

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When the Griswold family finally reaches Wally World, what do they find out?

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What is the name of the character on the left?

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Where is the cousin's farm located?

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What does Chevy Chase's character encounter while wandering in the desert?

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Where does the Griswold family live?

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Why does a cop pull the Griswold family over?

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Which character is Aunt Edna?

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Who plays the security guard featured at the end of the film?

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What do the parents end up doing at the motel? (NOT the hotel where Clark leaves a check behind).

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Complete the quote: "Boat leaves in two minutes... or perhaps you don't want to see the second largest ball of _______ on the face of the earth..."

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Over the still photographs in the end credits, it is revealed the Griswold family travels home by...

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