Based on your personality are you a dog or a cat ?

Find out if you are a cute, cuddly dog, or a independent but adorable cat depending on your personality. But I have one request : PLS answer these questions honestly and not what you would like to be.

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On May 23, 2015

How would you respond to being cuddled ?

What u rather be doing on a Sunday afternoon ?

Which food looks the best to you right now ?

How many friends do you have ?

I'm sorry but..... What is your favorite color ?

Out of these, what is your fav sport ?

Which one do you like the best ?

Which one do you find cuter ?

Where would you rather live ?

( The most hated question... ) Did you like my quiz ?



You got a cat ! You like being independent, so you will most likely hang out by yourself or with your best friend(s). You are a great climber but you spend a lot of time inside, sleeping, playing video games..... You find it really hard to open yourself up to others, but once you did, you can trusted. When anyone insults your friends you go on attack mode.



You are a dog ! Cute and cuddley you love being with others. You are playful, love playing outside and are great to be around. As I loyal person u have a lot of friends and often let them decide what to do. You are flexible and you are always there for someone who needs to be consoled. No wonder you are called a man's best friend !

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