Only College Grads Can Ace This Random US Trivia!

You have to be pretty smart and educated to pass this random US trivia. See if you are an elite-level brainiac by taking this quiz.

Who was the first US President to live in the White House?

Select the correct version of Maryland's state slogan from the list below.

The Observatory of Economic Complexity noted this was the largest US export in 2016.

The city of Atlanta once went by this name.

Who was the youngest US President ever elected?

This post-WWII outbreak resulted in the loss of 675,000 Americans lives.

This city is recognized as the very first capital of the United States.

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono is the offical saying of the state of Hawaii. Select the answer below which is most commonly given as its English translation.

In what US state is there an official law stating one is not allowed to put coins in their ears?

Evidently frustrated with some late-season celebrations, this US state banned keeping Christmas decorations up passed January 14th.

According to the US Census Bureau, these are the most imported products into the United States.

According to Time Magazine, workers in this industry face the most on-the-job fatal accidents.

The White House was referred to by this name until President Roosevelt officially changed the name to its modern version.

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You Aced it!

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You failed!

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Only College Grads Can Ace This Random US Trivia!