The Definitive Religion And Spirituality Test

Where do you fall on the religious and spiritual spectrum?

Samantha Jones
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On Jul 28, 2015

Rate yourself on the scale: Everything happens for a reason.

What goes around comes around.

The Universe was set into motion by a Creator.

You can be a moral person without religion.

Astrology can accurately explain many things.

Actions speak louder than beliefs.

My ancestors watch over me.

After death people are rewarded or punished for their actions.

Faith in a Higher Power is key to happiness.

God intervenes in our lives on a daily basis.

The Earth is sacred.

Prayer is a regular part of my day.

Animals have souls.

Prayer is a waste of time.

Religious ritual is an appropriate way to mark life cycle events.

The Divine comes in many different manifestations and forms.

Greek and Roman mythology is important to me.

Evolution clearly explains the origin of life on Earth.

The world is stuck in a spiritual war between good and evil.

Suffering and tragedy are spiritual tests from God.

We are reincarnated many times to learn all of the lessons of life.

God does NOT intervene in our personal lives.

Satan is responsible for the evil in the world.

Some people are cursed.

I feel the most spiritual when I'm in nature.



Dualism best suits your religious and spiritual views! Based on your answers, you believe in a cosmic spiritual battle between good and evil. You believe that God is the force of goodness and that an evil, opposing force brings chaos and suffering into the world. You believe that it's your responsibility to choose good over evil and you strive to be a force of positivity in the world. Whether religious or not, you know that a spiritual war is going on and you choose the side of good!



Deism best suits your religious and spiritual views! Based on your answers, you believe in God as the source of the universe but you don't believe that God intervenes in our daily lives. A logical and rational thinker, you believe that spirituality doesn't necessarily have to contradict science. You acknowledge the existence of a Higher Power but you don't regularly pray or believe that God takes a direct interest in your personal life. You believe that the laws of nature control the universe and you tend to be suspicious of superstitious beliefs. Many famous philosophers and scientists have been Deists, including most of the Founding Fathers of the United States!



Theism best suits your religious and spiritual views! Based on your answers you believe in an omnipotent, personal and eternal God who has some level of involvement in your personal life. Whether or not you practice a specific religion, you rely on your faith in difficult times and you regularly think about what God wants from you. You often pray and you believe that everything is a part of a bigger plan. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all classical examples of theistic religions!



Polytheism best suits your religious and spiritual beliefs! Based on your answers, you believe that the Divine takes many manifestations, likely in the form of different angels, spirits, gods, or deities. You respect ancient religious traditions and you have a deep appreciation of mythology. Whether or not you literally believe in multiple gods, you're attracted to new age spirituality, mythology, astrology and ancient forms of wisdom. You're an old soul seeking a spiritual connection to the ancient past!



Agnosticism best suits your religious and spiritual views! Based on your answers, you're a logical and rational thinker deeply skeptical of religious beliefs and superstitions. You, however, aren't prepared to rule out the possibility that God exists or that He (She? It?) is involved in our lives somehow. You trust science but you keep an open mind when it comes to the God question. You're an intellectual at heart with a passion for debate. You're always open to hearing good arguments in favor of or against the existence of God but you'll withhold judgement until you come across definitive proof!



Pantheism suits your religious and spiritual views! Based on your answers, you're a deeply spiritual person with a profound respect for Mother Earth. You believe that everything is a manifestation of the Divine, especially the Earth itself. Pantheism literally means "all is God" or "Everything is God". You respect nature and you feel deeply spiritual when hiking, swimming in a sea or lake or exploring the outdoors. You feel "in tune" with the earth and you have a strong love for animals and maybe even plants. You consider yourself a spiritual person and you strive to respect that divinity within everyone and everything you come across!



Humanism best suits your religious and spiritual views! Based on your answers, you're a logical thinker who has either ruled out the existence of God or simply doesn't care. This isn't to say that you don't have your spiritual side (you may be quite spiritual!), but you're focussed on what you can see and experience in the here and now. You believe that religion is a distraction from human problems and that our time and energy is better spent on improving human existence instead of praying to invisible guys in the sky. You hold science and logic and high regard and you strongly believe that we are smart enough to understand the universe and our lives without the help of God or other supernatural beings. You're a scientist at heart, with a deep fascination in the world around you!