How well do you know "The Gilmore Girls"

Are you willing to test your knowledge on all things Gilmore Girls? Try this test and see how well you really know the Gilmore Girls.

Sadie Fruci
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On Jun 16, 2015
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Where did Rory first meet Dean?

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What is the first movie that Dean watched with the girls at Movie Night

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What did Emily say to Richard after Rory's second birthday party?

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How did Lorelai tell her parents she was in labor?

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Which book did Max give Lorelai to read?

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What concert did Rory, Lorelai, Sookie, Paris, Louise and Madeline attend?

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What was Lorelai late for when she and Christopher had sex on the window ledge of her old bedroom?

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What did Emily make for Lorelai when she hurt her back?

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