The impact of CEDEX on diamond market

What CEDEX Mean

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Diamonds are a commodity that never go out of fashion however the diamond market has been stuck in the same routine for decades now. CEDEX are intending to bridge the gap between the diamond ecosystem of today and the developing financial markets of the future. Using revolutionary technology and a new way of investing, CEDEX is hoping to make sure that the future of diamonds is bright for trader and business alike.

The nature of the diamond market is ever shifting. Although consumers account for 95% of the total diamond sales while investment counts for less than 5%, the demand for diamonds has seen an increase over recent years. While this is great for the diamond business there is an ever growing concern about the imminent shortfall of diamonds that is set to hit the industry in less than 10 years. This shortfall makes diamonds an excellent investing opportunity as their prices are set to rocket over the coming years and this is where CEDEX comes into play.

CEDEX are aiming to make investing a more dynamic and understandable part of the diamond market. Currently, diamonds are very difficult to create a uniform pricing for as there are so many different factors that affect their value. The lack of pricing structure in the current diamond market and the lack of liquidity within the market make it a very difficult area to know where to invest your money. Once a diamond has been bought it is almost impossible to sell on at market price however with the number of new diamonds coming into the market set to reach their limit, investing looks like a smart future.

CEDEX’s blockchain-based asset-class trading platform for diamonds will revolutionize the way diamonds are bought and sold on the market and will transform them into an easily investable asset. By turning each diamond from a unique asset into something that is fungible, this makes diamonds not only easier to value but trade at market price even when they have been bought and sold numerous times before.

The CDEX is the technology that will make this possible by establishing transparency and bringing a standardization into the diamond market while being easily accessible for longterm investors and newcomers alike. The DEX is able to take a wide range of factors that affect the value of a diamond and establish a set way of valuing them meaning discrepancies in the market are much less likely to occur.

CEDEX are looking into a new a revolutionary way to buy and sell on the diamond market as well as making it much fairer for all involved. Using The DEX, blockchain technology and the CEDEX Coin the way in which the diamond market is set to change. Investing in diamonds is a smart move for the future however this will become much easier and faster with the introduction of CEDEX.

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