So You Think You Know Watches?

Well, let's find out. We have created 12 questions (1 for each hour). Test yourself, and see how well you do. Don't forget to share it with your friends and challenge their watch knowledge.

Ryan Johnson
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On Jun 16, 2015
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Which watch company currently owns Bulova?

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Which one of these isn’t a crystal used to protect the dial?

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Which company developed the “Spring Drive”?

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Which watch brand is famous for their T-Touch line of watches?

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Which design from Movado was inducted into the Museum of Modern Art?

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Which U.S President is known for wearing a Jorg Gray Timepiece?

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Which Fashion Designer and watchmaker is known for their signature cartwheel on the runway?

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Which one of these brands does not use Tritium to illuminate its dials?

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Which fashion watch brand does Fossil manufacture watches for?

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Which watch brand was featured in the recent blockbuster hit “Interstellar”?

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Which watch company sponsors 2015 UEFA champions FC Barcelona?

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Which legendary watch brand launched the “Sistem 51” watch?

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